Jobe VR Announces Smartphone Based Virtual Reality Headset

Source: Jobe VR

Virtual Reality – When we talk about virtual reality, we all think of the Oculus Rift device, which gets most of the press attention. Other devices show up frequently and add to the depth of the market offering.

Jobe VR is now offering a virtual reality headset for a bargain price that accomplishes this by using your smartphone as the display and image output device. In other words, Jobe VR is a holder for the smartphone with passive optics to provide the personal viewing ability.

The device supports a number of smartphones as can be seen below.

Source: Jobe VR

The device is aimed at virtual reality applications such as movies and gaming, but is also targeting education and other applications.

Jobe offers the goggles for pre-order at a modest $89 price tag. The company will be creating a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for getting the headset into production. –  Norbert Hildebrand