5G Will Offer Speed and Capacity

Rahim Tafazoli, the head of the UK’s 5G Innovation Centre (5GIC) at the University of Surrey, has said that capacity, not speed, will define 5G networks. The technology will be user-centric, offering low latency and an impression of “infinite capacity”. This differs from 2G, 3G and 4G, which were ‘devicecentric’. As well as mobile products, 5G will support sensors, connected cars and devices for mission-critical uses. Tafazoli went on to say that 5G will allocate network resources dynamically, depending on whether a device needs voice or data; it will also be energy efficientand reliable, which is vital for the Internet of Things.

Despite speed not being key, Tafazoli said that 5G will offer up to 10Gbps connectivity. A new technique has enabled researchers to reach 100Gbps and even 800Gbps in specialisedenvironments. The technique is independent of the waveform, so could potentially be implemented in today’s 4G networks.

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We have heard this week that UK regulator, Ofcom, is planning to auction more spectrum late next year or in early 2016, to meet growing demand for 4G services. Spectrum to be sold will be in the 2.3Ghz and 3.4GHz bands, currently used by the Ministry of Defence. Between £50 million ($79.4 million) and £70 million ($111.3 million) is expected to be raised by the sale. (TA)