Strategy Analytics Reports on 2Q’14 Processor Shipments for Smartphones and Tablets

Market Intelligence – Strategy Analytics will shortly be releasing its market report on processor shipments and market shares for tablets and smartphones in the second quarter of 2014. The report distinguishes between smartphone baseband processors, smartphone application processors and tablet application processors.

The smartphone baseband market reached $5.2 billion in Q2’14, representing a growth of 17% year on year. The clear market leader with 68% market share was Qualcomm, followed by MediaTek with 15% and Spreadtrum with 5%. The top five are completed by Marvell and Intel. Overall the analysts see an increase in demand for LTE baseband processors, making up over 45% of Qualcomm’s revenue in this field.

The smartphone application processors grew by 22% YoY to reach $5.2 billion as well. The top supplier is also Qualcomm with a 58% market share followed by Apple with 14% and MediaTek with 13%. Spreadtrum and Samsung complete the top five in this market segment. Strategy Analytics estimates that the share of standalone application processors dropped from 28% to 21% YoY, an indication of the stronger share of low to mid-range smartphones that often use baseband integrated application processors. This is a trend that may continue if market forecasts for increased low end smartphones are correct.

The tablet application processor market reached revenues of $945 million in Q2’14, a 23% increase YoY. Apple took the top spot with a market share of 26%, followed by Intel with 19% and Qualcomm with 17%. MediaTek and Samsung make up the top five in the segment. With Apple leading the field with its 64 bit processors, Strategy Analytics believes that Nvidia with its 64 bit Tegra K1 chip may also score some design wins in the second half of 2014. While Apple’s market leadership continues with the strong market position of the iPad line, the other players seem to trade places frequently, as just a few design wins can shift the results in one way or another.

Strategy Analaytics is releasing the report with more details of these quickly changing markets very soon. For more information please contact Strategy Analytics directly at or Stuart Robinson ([email protected]) in Europe and Christopher Taylor ([email protected]) in the USA. – Norbert Hildebrand