Embedded Window Display LCD Launches

OSG ScreeneX embedded display

OSG ScreeneX embedded window display shown in train car application, Source Company

Digital Signage – Oran Safety Glass (OSG) has launched its new ScreeneX embedded window display technology for bus and train windows at the American Public Transport Association (APTA) meeting in Houston, TX. The company patented this embedded window display that uses a Liquid Crystal Display screen embedded in a double-glazed window, (or even interior partition) for public transportation serving as an RTPI (real time passenger information) display that can double as an infotainment and digital signage solution for DOOH ads.

The key implementation benefits, according to OSG’s CEO Dan Cohen, is its zero cabin space footprint since the technology leverages existing glass surfaces in a public conveyance system, so increasing both vehicle capacity and (presumably) passenger comfort. Cohen said the ScreeneX system can show high-resolution video, text and graphics fed using a dedicated media player (hardware and software) that includes both safety information and metro logistics like timetables and destinations, routes and ETA. The software can also display other relevant content including time and location aware ads, and even sponsored entertainment.

With production facilities in Emporia, VA the company can also claim a “Made in America” moniker, that may help it land sales from US based manufacturers restricted on materials sourcing. But while the company has production facilities in the US, the headquarters for OSG is based in Israel with three primary areas of focus including Defense, Security and Transportation for the glass systems display integrator. Included in its passenger train car offerings is a side window with frame that allows use as an emergency escape exit. The company also supplies a windscreen with embedded display for the military, and also fashioned a locomotive embedded window display that it is showing at the Houston Public Transport Association Meeting this week. “The windshield we will exhibit meets the new American FRA (Federal Railroad Administration) Type 1 Tier 2 standard, and is one of the strongest ever made for locomotives”, according to Cohen in a company press release.

We have seen other embedded LCD systems, particularly transparent display boxes from companies like LG and Taiwan makers. Samsung launched its NL-22 Transparent all-in-one display used for retail desktop applications, and we covered the end of life of this product in our Display Central article back in June 2013. Transparent or translucent TFT display panels have been around for 10 years with more recent versions being shown by Planar Systems in Oregon, Taiwan based AUO, and Korea’s LG and Samsung.

The most common use is as an augmented reality display case featuring real products, like bottles of Coke in a refrigerator door module display from Planar, or the luxury brand Gucci Watch line used to launch the Samsung NL22. Here full sized products are shown along with specific promotional material (video and advertising) to augment products using the display with information and emotional appeal. To our knowledge, OSG is the first glass company targeting embedded window display LCDs with an eye toward both commercial and military use. We plan to keep an eye on this niche application and see if it gains the attention of other (bigger) players in the market. – Steve Sechrist