ZTE Unveils Blade S6 4G Smartphone Adds Six Features

The Blade S6, ZTE’s newest smartphone, boasts six key features – hence the name (Samsung is probably unhappy right now – TA).

Gesture motion control (‘Smart Sense’) is the first feature. Users can make a gesture that will turn on the flashlight, activate a mirror app, take rapid photos, play music and enable other functions.

The Blade S6 features an octa-core Snapdragon 615 CPU running Android 5.0 – apparently the world’s first. It includes an Adreno 405 image processor, capable of HEVC decoding.

Other features include an ‘SLR-like’ UltraHD camera; Hi-Fi sound; ZTE’s own Mifavor 3.0 UI; and the company’s Aliveshare app for network-less communication (using surrounding mobile phones’ own wireless signals to establish a short-range connection).

The 5″ display has 1280 x 720 resolution and in-cell touch technology. ZTE is selling the Blade S6 worldwide now, for $250.