G-Sync Confirmed for Mobile PCs

To date, Nvidia’s G-Sync technology (Display Monitor Vol 20 No 41) has only been used on desktop monitors, enabled through a proprietary module that replaces the scaler.

That looks to be set to change, though, as PC Perspective has investigated a leaked internal Nvidia driver (346.87) that enables G-Sync on a laptop (Asus’ G751) using embedded DisplayPort – without the scaler. This version of G-Sync is software-based, much like AMD’s Freesync technology, meaning that an update can be rolled out to enable G-Sync on existing laptops.

Two issues were identified with the software-based G-Sync: flicker at low framerates and occasional complete blanking of the display. The blanking is likely caused by the DisplayPort TCON, which was not designed to be used with a G-Sync-grade input.

Analyst comment

Nvidia has confirmed that G-Sync will be coming to mobile PCs, but had nothing to say regarding the future of the technology on desktops – apparently, the continued use of the scaler-replacing module is still to be decided. However, I would not expect Nvidia to switch to a completely software-based approach just yet; the module has advantages in certain areas, such as low-FPS gaming. (TA)