Yonhap Puts Figure on Apple-Samsung Rumour


Rumours continue to circulate of Samsung Display supplying AMOLED screens to Apple for the next iPhone. Yonhap News has now put a number on rumour. According to the source, SDC will supply 100 million 5.5″ AMOLED displays to Apple annually, for about $2.6 billion. Shipments will begin in 2017 and continue for at least three years.

Analyst Comment

The cost of $26 per display (or $8.66 if $2.6 billion is the total amount, rather than an annual figure) seems low; IHS has calculated that the 5.1″ AMOLED display used in Samsung’s Galaxy S7 costs $55, for example.

I remain wary of this rumour, as it would involve Apple becoming a major customer of its chief smartphone rival. I consider it more likely that Apple would spread its orders between several companies, including LG and Sharp. (TA)