Xumo’s New Streaming Box With Comcast’s Entertainment OS

Xumo, a collaboration between Comcast and Charter, has launched the Xumo Stream Box powered by Comcast’s Entertainment OS. The company claims that is able to streamline content discovery and viewing for users, providing a cohesive and user-friendly solution in an increasingly fragmented entertainment landscape.

Source: Xumo

Xumo is going on the assumption that the current entertainment landscape has become overly complicated for consumers due to the proliferation of streaming services and content sources. The company’s goal is to leverage the wealth of entertainment expertise from Comcast and Charter to create an all-encompassing entertainment platform that eliminates the barriers between different streaming services and makes TV enjoyable and hassle-free again, whatever that means in practice.

So, the Xumo Stream Box is classified as streaming simplified. The device prioritizes live content by displaying live video from the primary video service app upon startup. It also includes a built-in channel guide for easy navigation through subscribed channels. The Xumo Stream Box offers a curated viewing experience that combines AI-driven personalization with human-led editorial recommendations, and has an Emmy-award winning voice technology that allows users to find content quickly with voice commands, searching across available apps and services.

For Spectrum customers, the Xumo Stream Box is integrated with the Spectrum TV App, a pay TV streaming app. New Spectrum video customers will receive one Xumo Stream Box at no cost for the first year. Additional devices can be purchased or obtained for a service fee directly from Spectrum. Comcast also plans to offer the Xumo Stream Box to new Xfinity internet customers in the near future.

Xumo Stream Box joins Sky Glass and Sky Stream as the latest devices powered by Comcast’s Entertainment OS. Comcast claims the Entertainment OS platform, built upon open-source RDK technology, handles a volume of 40 million voice commands daily and delivers over five billion streams each week across more than 100 million devices used by Comcast, Sky, Xumo, and their syndication partners. That number seems to be the sweet spot for Comcast as it has not changed much over the last year.