Xplore Rugged Tablets Chosen as German Premium Automotive Manufacturer’s Primary Mobility Solution for 12+ Years


Xplore Technologies Corp., manufacturer of the world’s most complete line of high quality rugged tablet computers, is today celebrating its collaborative mobility achievements with one of Germany’s biggest premium automotive manufacturers. For more than 12 years, the leading automotive manufacturer has been placing continuous orders for Xplore rugged and ultra-rugged tablet PC solutions to mobilize multiple workflow applications within its factory and warehouse environments.

Thousands of enterprise-ready Xplore XC6 series tablets and Motion F5m by Xplore tablets have taken the place of inefficient paper-based processes, delivering the future-proof flexibility and scalability the customer required of its mobility solution as manufacturing technology designs have evolved.

“Fluctuating market conditions and rapidly changing consumer demands have forced manufacturers to become much more strategic in their mobility investments over the past decade,” explained Mark Holleran, president and chief operating officer for Xplore. “As production demands have increased for this premium global manufacturer, so has this customer’s need for Xplore rugged tablets to streamline operations, centralize data and applications, and increase productivity across all lines of business.”

The German automotive leader first deployed an Xplore iX104C2 rugged tablet in 2005 and has since introduced five more generations of the MIL-STD-810G ultra-rugged tablet series into its global operations – totaling more than 3,000 units to date. Over the years, the enterprise-ready IP67-rated tablet platform has come to serve as the automotive manufacturer’s primary forklift-mounted solution for order picking.

The current XC6 tablet’s resistive multi-touch display, vibration-resistant solid-state drive (SSD), Wi-Fi antennas, and Intel®-powered processing speed deliver the real-time data that forklift operators need to manage the transport of goods off the assembly line, into storage and, later, in preparation for broader distribution. It features the brightest display in the industry with the best viewing angle. The tablet’s mobility also allows for easy PC transfer from one forklift to another, keeping workers’ primary source of data in service when a forklift is taken out of service for maintenance purposes. The XC6 itself features tool-less removable drives that allow for uninterrupted shift-long productivity, even when device upgrades and repairs are needed.

“Beyond its extreme durability in industrial operating environments, the XC6 delivers the complete mobility, connectivity, and processing capabilities the end users need to acquire, analyze, and share critical data as they move around the shop floor on foot or forklift,” noted Michael Wiedmann, senior director of sales for Xplore. “The XC6 eliminates downtime and delivers state-of-the-art support for the introduction of new efficiencies as production demands grow.”

In addition to using the XC6 mounted on the manufacturers’ forklifts, they also employ the highly-versatile, fully rugged F5m tablet PC to conduct vehicle inspections and quality tests prior to customer delivery. Assembly line workers also rely on the F5m to scan and confirm the accuracy of vehicle parts prior to installation.

“There’s no doubt that Xplore rugged tablets have made an impressive impact on the advancement of automotive manufacturing processes over the past 20 years,” Holleran added. “But Xplore’s ability to support this global operating customer through regional service centers worldwide has proven just as valuable. We committed to becoming a partner to this automotive manufacturer from day one – not just a vendor. The trust they have placed in Xplore’s quality and expert capabilities over the last 12 years is a true testament that we’ve upheld that commitment, to their benefit.”