Xpeng’s G6 Super Smart Coupe SUV EV is Loaded with BOE’s Display Tech

XPeng has unveiled its G6 Ultra Smart Coupe SUV in China, with prices ranging from 209,900 yuan to 276,900 yuan ($28,864 to $38,242), and initial deliveries set for July 2023. This medium-sized pure electric SUV is equipped with the XNGP intelligent assisted driving system and high-definition LCD instrument and control assemblies from BOE Precision Electronics.

BOE Varitronics, a long-term partner of Xpeng Motors, has contributed significantly to several Xpeng models, earning an Excellent Supplier award from Xpeng. The Xiaopeng G6 features a 10.2-inch high-definition LCD display. Additionally, the vehicle incorporates the company’s 14.96-inch floating central control display.

The G6 is powered by an 800V XPower powertrain system and features an 800V high-voltage SiC platform. Its body incorporates front and rear integrated aluminum body die-casting and the novel Battery-Body Integration Technology (CIB).

Source: Xpeng

The vehicle is equipped with 31 smart sensors, including two LiDARs, providing a powerful computing strength of 508 TOPS. The neural network is based on the BEV+Transformer, supporting the deep visual neural network XNet. The ADAS package includes features like Highway NGP, City NGP, and VPA.