Xbox One Getting Alexa and Google Assistant Support?

If leaked images that surfaced earlier this week are to be believed, Xbox One owners who didn’t buy into Microsoft’s Kinect accessory will soon have an alternative method for controlling their consoles via voice commands, as the company appears to be integrating Alexa and Google Assistant support into its console range.

The image, sent to Windows Central by a source it calls reliable, depicts a new section in the Settings tab called Digital Assistants, where users can activate the feature. Commands can then be issued via Amazon Echo speakers once users have installed the Xbox skills app.

Kinect for Xbox One was discontinued in October 2017. Since then, the only way to control the Xbox One with voice commands was via Microsoft’s Cortana assistant, using a headset.

Analyst Comment

I’ve tried to get into Cortana multiple times, but have never got on with her. Alexa, on the other hand, I took to quite quickly! (BR)