Wizama, the 1st Monopoly 4K?

Wizama, the French startup that developed the first board game console, will be at the Electronica show in München to offer a new, connected and multigenerational gaming experience. Messe München, November 13-14, Hall C5 Booth 225.

Wizama created a console that brings together two universes that never combined before: video game and board game. For a long time, the pawn has been the main symbol of board games. For Wizama, the object becomes an extension of the hand and the player’s intention during the game. The console features a built-in touch screen and cards, pawns and smart dice acting as game controllers. Through the tactile dimension, Wizama aims to create an even more interactive experience. Merging board games and video games through a patented technology, Wizama allows players to interact, immerse, bond and compete through a new kind of massively fun experience. Moreover, it turns technology into a driver of sociability and brings a solution to an everyday societal problem: bonding generations and gathering families and friends around a new interactive experience.

Franck Botta, CEO of Wizama: “Why should video games and board games be seen as incompatible? The former offers social bonding and a sense of sharing, the latter stimulates interaction and offers an immersive experience. By combining the two, we realized that we can enable a unique multigenerational experience”.

Several games will be available on the console at its commercial launch and can be tested at the Electronica show:

  • Oya Stones: inspired by Snakes and Ladders, the game is played using a dice to advance and cards to attack or defend.
  • Chromacy: tactical game of conquest. Each player creates a strategy to move, attack opponents to gain the board and gain territory.
  • Krubera: tactical and chance game. Each player must simultaneously shoot on the blobs to acquire precious stones and win the match.
  • Cosmo Squabble: 2 vs 2 shooter that works with connected cards and evolves in a spatial and cartoon style universe.

About Wizama

Wizama is a startup created in 2017 by Franck Botta, CEO and research engineer at Technicolor, Florent Guitton, operational manager and former project manager at Thomson, and Damien Botta, Associate Director General. The games have always been part of their lives. Wizama thus created a board game console, combining board games with video games, and imagining new ways of playing together. The company took part in several shows and festivals such as the International Games Festival (Cannes, France), UK Games Expo, Japan Expo and Gamescom (Cologne, Germany). The company is based in Brittany (France).

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