Wireless Projection Aids Epson Portability

Epson America’s new portable 3LCD projectors include wireless projection and high brightness levels, for small- and mid-sized businesses. In addition, both the EX5250 Pro and EX5240 include features from the wider EX-series, such as automatic vertical and manual horizontal keystone correction.

Wireless projection is built in to the EX5250 Pro. Using a quick-connect QR code, users can project content from mobile devices using the iProjection app. This feature is optional on the EX5240.

Resolution is 1024 x 768 on both models. They use a 200W lamp, lasting between 5,000 and 10,000 hours, which provides 3,600 (EX5250) or 3,200 (EX5240) lumens of brightness. The projectors have a 15,000:1 contrast ratio and can show 10-bit colour.

30″ – 300″ images can be projected. The EX5250 has a throw ratio of 1.4-1.68:1 and the EX5240 has a ratio of 1.48-1.77:1. Both units have a manual 1.2x zoom, and manual focus.

HDMI, VGA, S-Video, composite, USB-A and USB-B ports are featured, as well as a 2W speaker. The projectors measure 297 x 234 x 81mm, and weigh 2.4kg. They are available now, for $600 (EX5250) and $550 (EX5240).

Analyst Comment

Epson highlighted in its release that its new projectors have the same brightness in “colour lumens”, based on the Color Light Output (CLO) measurement, and in “white lumens” (Ansi) lumens. We recently had a chance at an Epson event to get a lot of background to the CLO measurement and have changed our view on this. Up to now, we have tended to assume there is some kind of “Epson trickery” going on. However, we are now persuaded that the measurement does make sense and we are planning a feature about the topic. (BR).