Will Windows 10 Fix The Errors of Windows 8?

Microsoft eschewed the conventional wisdom of linear numbers with its announcement of Windows 10 recently, completely bypassing Windows 9. The name signals that the OS is not an incremental update. As predicted, the Start Menu makes its long-awaited return, with a blend between the old list of apps and a selection of resizable live tiles. Apps from the ‘Modern’ UI, which previously could only run in full-screen, can now run in a windowed mode on the desktop. Virtual desktops are also a standard feature. A technical preview is available now, but the consumer release will not appear until 2015.

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I must say that I still hate the Metro interface in normal operation – I have been running Windows 8/8.1 since the beginning of the year. The rest of the OS seems pretty good. The idea of running the Metro interface in a window is a good one, I think. I’m also intrigued by the “virtual desktops”. (BR)