Wide Colour Gamuts Are Prevalent at Touch Taiwan

A variety of new panels with high-end features were shown at Touch Taiwan at the end of August.
The focus of AUO‘s presence was its curved displays. The company introduced 42″ – 85″ curved UltraHD LCD TV panels, with a wide colour gamut. The 65″, 75″ and 85″ had a 4,000R ‘golden’ curvature and 120Hz framerate.
For professional and high-end use, AUO introduced 27″ and 32″ UltraHD monitor panels. These use the company’s Advanced Hyper Viewing Angle technology to avoid colour washout. They also possess a 6.1mm bezel and cover 100% sRGB. A similar 32″ unit was on show with 2560 x 1440 resolution.
A 38″ bar-type product was shown in the public display sector, with a 16:4.7 aspect ratio. A 55″ high-brightness screen (2,500 cd/m²), with a more standard ratio, joined the 38″. The larger unit possessed a tolerance to high temperatures and a circular polariser design, for low reflectance.
The final product on show was a 65″ LCD board with optically-bonded cover glass and a touch function. Designed for multiple applications, AUO highlighted the display’s image uniformity.
Corning‘s Eagle XG Slim Glass, for a-Si TFT displays, was on show alongside the company’s Antimicrobial Gorilla Glass. Gorilla Glass NBT (Display Monitor Vol 20 No 29), was also exhibited.
The Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), of Taiwan, showed various AMOLED displays. These included the first foldable touch OLED module unit to be developed in the country; as well as the module itself, the technology was applied to a wearable wristband. A pair of smartglasses with gesture control – a combination of smartphone and camera – were also shown. Alongside these, ITRI exhibited 30 items in the areas of materials, panels and manufacturing processes for display and touch-control devices.
ITRI’s foldable OLED module uses on-cell touch and can be folded more than 10,000 times, over a curve with a 7.5mm radius. It is less than 0.1mm thick and resistant to air and water.
Innolux introduced an 85″ UltraHD 3D TV panel, with 100% NTSC gamut coverage (Innolux president Jyh-Chau Wang has in the past said that high colour gamut technology will be the ‘next frontier’ for panels – TA). Other panels with similar features were shown in 50″, 58″, 65″ and 75″ sizes.
23.6″ and 28″ desktop monitor panels with touch were shown. Innolux said that it had integrated its own Window Integrated Sensor touch technology with the TFT panels when making these products. 14″ and 15.6″ notebook panels with integrated (on-cell) touch were also displayed.
In the vehicle segment, Innolux exhibited a 6.5″ panel with specialised colour filters and backlight. These enabled the display to produce wide viewing angles and saturated colours without colour artefacts, said the firm. An 8″ panel with ‘super high’ colour saturation, wide viewing angles and high contrast was nearby.
Innolux’s final products were industrial LCD panels for factory equipment and public displays; all of these had wide viewing angles and wide operating temperature ranges. Examples included a 15.4″ unit with a 16:10 aspect ratio and a 17″ vehicle panel with high brightness, contrast and reliability. Large sizes (23.6″ and 28″) featured high contrast and low colour shift. An avionics panel (9.5″) was also on show, designed to be weather-resistant. It had high shock resistance, as well as ‘high’ resolution.
Despite not showing any at Touch Taiwan, Innolux said that it has shipped curved panels to a client.
A 55″ procap touchscreen prototype was shown by Inputek, using Heraeus’ Clevios PEDOT:PSS (an ITO alternative). The Clevios material was incorporated using screen printing and etch patterning processes. The demonstrator model had 10 touch points and used a Clevios coating with 150 Ohms/sq of sheet resistance.