Vivo Maintains Its Global Top 5 Position on IDC Q2 2016 Worldwide Smartphone Tracker

Leading global smart phone brand Vivo has held its #5 position as IDC released its Q2 2016 Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker report on Jul 29th.

In the second quarter of 2016, Vivo remains on an upward trajectory with shipment amounts reaching 16.4 million units, an 80.2% year-on-year growth, achieving a 4.8% global market share.

“Vivo’s current position results from our constant innovation and focus on product development,” said Alex Feng, CMO of Vivo.”We have been committed to introducing superb products as well as offering a fast and smooth user experience to our customers.”

Vivo Mobile has released the X, V and Y series, embraced by millions of users in China, India, and Southeast Asia, and focusing on Hi-Fi sound quality, professional-level photography, and amazing design.

Vivo has pioneered the use of Hi-Fi chips in mobile phones since 2012 when it introduced the Vivo X1. The Hi-Fi chip independently decodes and amplifies the left and right audio channels, perfectly reproducing studio sounds through your headphones as it was recorded or created in the studio to the highest level of fidelity.

In addition to Hi-Fi quality, the company’s application of groundbreaking camera techniques in its products has also become one of Vivo’s trademarks. With the goal of producing high quality photos in any environment, Vivo has dedicated itself to implementing the very best photography technology in its phones, including image stabilization technology, night mode, manual focus, and soft light effects for taking softer selfies, satisfying users’ demands for the ultimate photography experience in a smartphone.

Furthermore, Vivo has meticulously crafted the design of its phones to meet the tastes of a youthful generation, and keep up with global fashion trends.

In the future, Vivo will continue to develop and introduce more high quality products to customers by complying with and even surpassing industry standards.