Virtual Hybrid Advertising Tech Used at German Supercup

Virtual replacement advertising technology was commercially deployed in the German Supercup for the first time last weekend. A virtual hybrid LED system was installed specially for the match, hosted at the Commerzbank-Arena.

The LED system, developed by ADI, integrates Supponor’s AR technology, which makes it possible to change the perimeter content seen by different viewing audiences around the world, allowing brands to tailor their message for specific territories.

Four modified feeds were created, featuring different virtual perimeter content targeting audiences watching in North Asia, South Asia, Americas, Europe and MENA broadcast regions. Audiences watching in Germany, Austria and Switzerland received an unmodified feed.

Lagardère Sports commercialised the virtual advertising platform by selling virtual media inventory in each broadcast region.

The deployment of virtual advertising in the Supercup precedes the wider roll out of virtual hybrid technology in the Bundesliga, which kicks off at the end of August. Following extensive trials last season, the DFL approved the system for use by Bundesliga clubs.

Borussia Dortmund says that, together with Lagardère Sports, it will be the first football club anywhere in the world to deploy the technology at all matches of the upcoming season.