ViewSonic’s Pro 10100 Makes Installation Projection Easy

The new Pro 10100 DLP projector from Viewsonic is a fixed installation model, with remotely-controlled motorised zoom, focus and lens adjustment. Optionally, users can switch out the default lenses to suit the projection environment and enhance the image for different surfaces.

Designed for 360° projection, the unit can be installed vertically or horizontally. A motorised projection screen can be linked to the projector via the 12V trigger, extending when the Pro 10100 is turned on and retracting when the projector is turned off.

A DICOM Simulation mode is supported, and the projector is compatible with Crestron Roomview. Warping and edge-blending are also featured, with +/-20° digital keystone correction. The projector is capable of 24/7 operation.

1024 x 768 resolution is used on the projector, which also features a 4,400:1 contrast ratio and 6,000 lumens of brightness (1,500 – 2,000 hour lamp life). Images can be sized between 50″ and 300″. Three lenses are available, with throw ratios of 0.99 – 1.26:1 (1.01m – 7.68m throw distance); 1.26 – 1.58:1 (1.28m – 9.63m throw distance); and 1.58 – 3.0:1 (1.61m – 18.29m throw distance).

HDMI, DVI-D, VGA, 5-BNC, composite, S-Video and RJ45 ports are featured, with a 10W speaker. The Pro 10100 measures 453 x 206 x 379mm and weighs 16kg. The projector is available now, for €3,400 ex VAT.