ViewSonic Continues PortAll Design

The new Pro 8 series of installation DLP projectors, from ViewSonic, feature the company’s own SuperColor and SonicExpert technologies, as well as various features to ease installation.

SuperColor has been designed to ensure that the Pro8510L and Pro8530HDL projectors output accurate and reliable colour. SonicExpert means that the projectors have an enlarged speaker chamber and a more powerful amplifer, delivering sound ranging from 20Hz to 20Khz.

When it comes to installation, both models feature vertical lens shift, horizontal and vertical keystone correction (+/-30°) and a 1.6x zoom centred lens design. They have a 1.07-1.71:1 throw ratio, projecting a 30″ – 300″ image from 0.86 (Pro8510L) or 0.71 (Pro8539HDL) – 11.36m.

Both models feature a four-in-one power button; as well as being used to turn the projectors on and off, the button holds an IR receiver and LEDs, which show if any dongles are powered on in the PortAll compartment. PortAll is ViewSonic’s name for a design feature: a hidden compartment with an MHL-HDMI port and HDBaseT adaptor, which is large enough to house a dongle. Other inputs are HDMI (x3), VGA (x2, one doubling as an output), composite, S-Video, mini- and micro-USB, USB 2.0 and RJ45.

The projectors use a 370W lamp (lasting 2,000 – 2,500 hours), producing up to 5,200 lumens of brightness. They can reproduce 10-bit colour. The only difference between the models is resolution: 1024 x 768 on the Pro8510L and 1920 x 1080 on the Pro8530HDL. They measure 497 x 316 x 140mm and weigh 6.3kg.

ViewSonic is selling its new projectors now, for $1,600 (Pro8510L) and $2,170 (Pro8530HDL).