Video Highlights from SMPTE 2014

We were able to interview several companies during SMPTE.

Central China Development Labs (CCDL) was at the SMPTE Fall conference where it made a big impression with its 3D LED screen using polarization –

MPEG-H is a new about-to-be adopted standard that offers object oriented audio for TVs and mobile devices. It was demonstrated at the conference and is vying to be included in the next generation broadcast standard – ATSC 3.0 –

DYVI is the marketing arm of EVS and it was showing what is essentially a virtualized visual switcher for broadcast production. –

Virtualization means different things to different people. At Harmonic, the idea is to move away from dozens of dedicated hardware boxes in a broadcast facility to a topology where the Harmonic IP and functionality reside in standard server compute platforms that can sit in the facility and/or the cloud. –

Dolby was at the conference in Hollywood demonstrating its High Dynamic Range (HDR) solution – from camera through post, distribution and to the home. HDR was a topic of great interest at the event, including the new SMPTE standard to map the gray scales of HDR content to a display (ST-2084).