US Projector Sales Rise in March

By Alan Spencer

PMA Research has published its latest reports tracking projector sales in the US distribution, pro AV and retail channels. The results for March showed gains in all channels including 4,000 plus lumen models, ultra-short-throw projectors, laser phosphor models, and home theatre projectors.

For the distribution channel, sales rose 25% compared to the previous month, with most of the gains attributed to the mainstream and high-end projector segments. Sales of 4,000 plus lumen models, ultra-short-throw projectors and home theatre projectors continued to outpace the overall market. Laser phosphor projector sales recovered from a slow February with volume up more than 80% in March, and compared to March in the previous year, the gain was over 100%. Native 4K projectors for the home theatre market also showed impressive gains.

In the pro AV channel, overall unit sales posted a rise of 22% compared to February, and at the same time, revenues grew 36% mainly due to robust sales of laser phosphor projectors as well as the higher average selling price for many of the top models. Compared to February, there was an increase in sales of 1080p and 4K models for the home entertainment and home theatre projector segments.