Unique NanoLumens LED Display Installed at Toronto Airport

A very unusual display has been erected at Toronto Pearson Airport, the busiest in Canada.

The Flower is made up of four LED-backlit “petals”, each featuring a 6 x 12-inch NanoLumens flexible LED screen with a 5.4mm pixel pitch. The structure also changes colour and brightness depending on the season and the time of day. As well as the main displays there is a circular display with a 3.5mm pitch.

The Flower is situated in the airport’s Terminal 1 and is designed to provide commuters with flight information. However, as well as being practical, The Flower has become something of a landmark for the 44 million travellers that pass through Toronto Pearson every year.

In a statement on the NanoLumens website, Martin Leclerc, Regional Sales Manager for Canada wrote,

“The Flower also functions as a central meeting area for passengers to interact with each other. Airport management attests that “Let’s meet at the Flower” is among the most common phrases they hear throughout the halls of the terminal.”