Two Colour Modes in Lenovo’s Z2 Pro

Lenovo has unveiled the latest phone in its ZUK online-only brand, known as the Z2 Pro. Currently it has only been announced for the Chinese market.

The ZUK Z1 was the first phone to feature USB-C with USB 3.0 speeds. Lenovo claims (and we emphasise that word – TA) another first for the Z2, saying that it is the first phone that ‘fully activates’ the performance of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 chip.

Equipped with 10 sensors, the Z2 ‘overthrows the idea that CPU and GPU are the sole indicators of a flagship mobile phone’. Lenovo points to a device known as the SPU, or sensor processing unit (Hexagon 680), which coordinates these sensors. Only one use case is provided: that of the phone used as a fitness device. It can monitor and analyse the frequency and length of strides; vertical amplitude; ground-touch time; height and 3D speed. Heart rate, blood oxygen and ultraviolet sensors are also built in (although we’re not sure how the phone could measure heart rate without some form of physical attachment to the user – TA).

Super AMOLED technology from Samsung Display is used in the phone’s 5.2″ screen. This provides 1920 x 1080 resolution and 178° viewing angles. Bezel width (inner and outer) is 1.41mm. Two colour modes can be chosen: 100% NTSC or 100% sRGB. The display is made using Corning Gorilla Glass. Brightness can be reduced to a very low level of 1 cd/m², or scaled up to 500 cd/m².

A curved glass surface is used as the chassis. The middle of the frame is reinforced by aviation-grade aluminium, and the design of the phone’s body is also said to protect it.

PDAF and CAF dual-mode focus is built into the phone’s camera (Samsung CMOS sensor), which has an F1.8 aperture. UltraHD shooting is supported, as well as frame rates of 960fps (not at the same time, though. An interesting feature is the ability to combine the camera and heart rate sensor, which will reflect the user’s heart rate in photos.

Two versions of the phone will be available, with 128GB or 64GB of storage. The premium version (128GB and 6GB of RAM) will cost CNY2,240 ($345) ex VAT.