TV and Monitors Slide at TPV

TPV Technology Limited includes the results of its TP Vision subsidiary, which looks after the Philips TV business in Europe, in its financial results. Sales results for TP Vision were included in the company’s most recent financial data (TPV Result 27/08/2015).

In the first six months of 2015, TPV’s total TV revenue was $1.98 billion, of which TP Vision was responsible for $689 million: a 29.1% YoY drop, from $972 million Q1 and Q2’14. 2.1 million units were shipped by TP Vision, which was down 9.6% from 2.3 million. However, TP Vision’s adjusted operating loss in TV sales was reduced, from -$96 million to -$82 million.

TPV also shows monitor sales data, which are sold under its own and other brands (MMD, another TPV subsidiary, is responsible for Philips’ monitor business in much of the world as well as having the AOC brand). Total revenue fell 3.7% YoY, to $2.43 billion. Unit sales were down 11%, to 21.2 million (from 23.8 million). However, the company still made an adjusted operating profit of $53 million, down 10% from $59 million.

TPV quoted its estimates for the global TV and monitor markets in its quarterly presentation.

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