TSX’s LED Billboard/Concert Stage Rocks Like No Other Display Ever

I am not a big fan of Post Malone, but I may just have to become one after seeing the news of his pop-up concert in front of a nine stories high screen. Malon became the first entertainer to perform at TSX Broadway’s innovative venue in the heart of Times Square. Thousands of spectators gathered to witness the surprise pop-up concert, where Malone presented tracks from his upcoming album, Austin, from a stage elevated 30 feet above 47th Street.

TSX Broadway’s main screen spans 18,000 square feet and wraps around the skyscraper at the southeast corner of 7th Avenue and 47th Street, facing Times Square’s iconic Red Steps. The mega-spectacular display system, built with SNA Displays’ Empire Exterior LED display technology, boasts an 8 mm pixel pitch with a resolution of 3,480 x 7,440 pixels, making it the highest-resolution display ever seen in Times Square, processing around 25 million pixels.

The 4,000-square-foot stage is suspended 30 feet above ground level and features custom-engineered and fabricated LED doors by Show Canada Industries, swinging inward on hydraulic hinges. This innovative setup enables performers to appear as if they are part of the video wall.

The 89,000 LED doors open to reveal the 4,000 square foot stage cantilevered above Times Square in New York. (Source: TSX Entertainment)

The video display system, equipped with 8K Ultra-HD processing, is designed to accommodate the next generation of video and broadcast media content. TSX Broadway is one of several high-profile installations for SNA Displays in the Times Square market. SNA Displays also manufactured and installed the wrap-around LED mega-spectacular next door at 20 Times Square.