TronXYZ Launches its Product Set, Changing the VR and 3D Industry

TronXYZ is seeing years into the future of 3D technology, far beyond the horizon of what the industry thought possible.

TronXYZ’s technology set includes stereo visual computing with stereo visual input, real-time 3D glasses free rendering, modelling, display, and other computer vision processing. One of their virtual reality products, the SuperD VR One, has an unmatched Ultra HD LCD visual display with arguably one of the thinnest and lightest devices. This can only be accomplished by TronXYZ’s unique construction of hardware with optics.

TronXYZ’s technology will influence every market, sector, and industry. Consumers will enjoy glasses free 3D experiences on their smartphones and tablets while shopping online, watching entertainment, or going in for a medical treatment.

The company has become a technology powerhouse, currently holding over a thousand patents that redefine the market. As a Silicon Valley venture, the company understands the complex interconnectivities of customer passion and technology partnership that the Bay was built upon.


The possibilities for the technology are nearly limitless, current applications include:

Glasses-Free 3D Viewing: Instead of a purely flat screen, TronXYZ uses thousands of crystalized lens to display depth. It is viewing how we currently view the real world, but on a screen. With the lens shaped viewing crystals, there is no loss of brightness. Historically with using 3D glasses, the user will experience a 70% brightness loss. TronXYZ’s technology makes it possible for the viewer to be in a large spectrum of viewing positions, distances, and angles.

Eye-Tracking Software: Which as the technology is named, uses real-time visual rendering to track where a person is viewing the screen and adjust the display’s visual output. The technology locates the x, y, and z coordinates of a person’s eyes, takes account the optical parameters, and then calculates the optimal viewing display output.

3D Design Preview: With 3D modelling technology, clients can see errors and defects within their products and prototypes without having to disassemble or lose functionality. Imagine being able to see inside a brain without having to operate on a patient.

Non-Destructive Testing and Inspection: Production lines, manufacturers, and more so in the future need computer assisted visualization; especially those with dimensional information that checks the defects and potential flaws. TronXYZ technology performs quality checks without any contact with the assembly lines or products manufactured.

With over 1000+ patents, TronXYZ is always growing new ideas that will shape the future. They are not a company satisfied with the status-quo, and will continue to grow and redefine the world we see and live in.

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