Triumph Looks for Partners

Triumph is a Czech company, based in Prague, that develops touch systems for business meetings and education. The company currently sells its products in the EU, in Africa and in the US and was at the show to talk to possible partners in the region. At the show, the company was showing its four models of LCD from 55″ to 84″ – the 84″ having full UltraHD resolution support. All of the products include full Android systems. The touch is based on infrared technology and the screens are fitted with anti-glare technology.

The company also has displays that can be supplied with full Intel Core i7/GPU technology and software support includes DisplayNote and the firms MyScript Stylus text entry system (which also deals with equations), as well as Easi Teach from RM in Oxford. The company has developed its own Triumph Cloud service but can also support Google Cloud services. The company has developed a QR code connection system that is similar to the one offered by Epson in some of its recent projectors.

Triumph specialises in full video conferencing solutions and the company supports “lost packet recovery systems” for networks that are sub-optimal and the company also has full screen-sharing software. Triumph is developing its own virtual server software solutions, but also has support for meeting rooms that have no internet connectivity, when many features are supported by USB-stored content. This is useful in some regions such as Russia or Africa, where internet connectivity cannot be taken for granted.