Travellers Dissatisfied with Airport Communications

A new study by International Customer Loyalty Programmes has revealed that the majority of air passengers are unhappy with the level of communication they receive from airports.

The ICLP research shows that while 83% of commuters would like to obtain information about arrival and departure times—like that displayed on large screens within airport terminals—before they travel, only 58% of airports are communicating such details to passengers ahead of their trips.

The study also revealed that, while 86% of travellers are willing to share their personal information with airports, only around a quarter of airports are using customer information captured by their free Wi-Fi services in order to improve the quality and personalisation of their communications with passengers.

All data has been taken from 2017 ICLP airport and passenger surveys. 35 airports and 2,589 passengers were surveyed between 16th January – 31st January 2017.

Analyst Comment

ICLP didn’t say where they conducted the survey. We have contacted them to check and will update this article if we find out. (BR)