Trans-Lux and Union Station, both organizations Near 100 Years Old, Come Together to Implement Present Day Digital LED Display Technology

Trans-Lux Corporation today announced the successful manufacture and installation of 3000 square feet of large format LED digital displays and signage at Union Station in Washington, D.C.

Trans-Lux Corporation, a leading supplier of LED digital displays and next generation LED lighting, is nearing 100 years in business, while Union Station has been open more than 100 years, since 1907. Today, Union Station is visited by some 40 million people every year.

“It is really wonderful to install our LED display technology at Union Station,” says J.M. Allain, President and CEO of Trans-Lux, “and we feel fortunate to be partnered with Premier Tourist and Landmark Association, PTALA, and Ashkenazy Acquisition Corporation on the first phase of this restoration project at Union Station.”

The Ashkenazy Company completed a major renovation at Union Station, tapping Trans-Lux to install the 3000 square feet of large format LED digital displays and signage.

“Trans-Lux is the perfect partner when it comes to designing, manufacturing and installing these LED Displays,” says Byron Appel, CEO of PTALA. “Trans-Lux delivers the latest LED technology, which you can really appreciate when you see the 35 foot screens in person.”

“We are really proud to have the opportunity to be involved at such a historic facility like Union Station which is now Amtrak’s second busiest station attracting 5 million riders a year,” adds J.M. Allain.