Toppan & E Ink Develop 32″ Flexible Color E-paper

Toppan said in a press release that it has developed a 32″ flexible colour electronic paper display in collaboration with E Ink, using E Ink’s Pearl technology and its own Mobius flexible plastic backplane which has been optimised for this application. Toppan has also optimised its colour filter to provide better colours than on previous panels. The resolution is 1280 x 720 and the filter has an RGBW arrangement in a square configuration on a 540µ pitch (47 pixels per inch). 4 bit grey scaling means a total of 4096 colours and contrast is in the range of 10:10 to 12:1. Toppan provided a link to a video at, but it wasn’t working when we tried it. The company planned to show the display at an exhibition in Tokyo.