Tianma Takes SFT2 to UltraHD

A 19.5″ LCD module, using Tianma’s SFT2 technology, will be presented at Embedded Systems Expo 2015 in mid-May.

SFT2 is a new version of SFT, which is comparable to IPS panels. NLT says that the aperture ratio of SFT displays is improved, compared to conventional TFT units, due to a new pixel structure. The new structure results in higher luminance and wider viewing angles. Backlight power can be reduced by up to 30% on SFT displays.

According to NLT, ‘radical’ changes to the wiring, electrodes and other aspects of pixel design have enabled transmissivity levels of 180%. Because the aperture ratio is so high, the display has low power consumption and generates lower heat than a conventional unit. It also has a colour gamut exceeding 80% NTSC.

The unnamed module has UltraHD resolution. We expect to find out more information either in May, during Embedded Systems Expo, or at SID 2015 in June, which Display Monitor will attend.