Tianma Reaches 847 ppi on Mobile Displays

Tianma NLT USA will show off several new displays from Tianma Micro-electronics at SID 2016 (24th – 26th May, San Francisco). Two of these have very high pixel pitches of 847 ppi.

The two high-resolution displays are 5.2″ (UltraHD) and 10.4″ (8k), and are intended for smartphone and tablet use. Both use LTPS TFTs and negative LCD displays (the background is black and digits are white). This, says Tianma, lends itself to a high contrast ratio: 1,200:1 on the 5.2″ unit.

Tianma expects the displays, which could see use in military, medical, holographic and other applications, to be commercially available in mid-2016.

In addition, Tianma will show off seven new wide aspect ratio LCD modules, for industrial and medical applications. They will cover 10.1″, 11.6″, 12.1″, 15.6″ and 18.5″ sizes. The two largest sizes will feature both LVDS and eDP interfaces.