The Void Creates VR War Games…And Dragons

The Void, a Utah-based start-up that’s been operating in secrecy for some time, has created what could be loosely called ‘Laser Quest for VR’. The company builds physical areas (Gaming Pods) that roughly mirror the VR world of the players inside; so, for instance, a pillar in the real world might be perceived as a stasis chamber in-game. Players’ actions are tracked through haptic vests and gloves, while headphones and a proprietary headset are used as inputs. Because the headset is not designed as a retail unit, the company has said that it can ‘just throw money at it’ – so it has dual curved OLED displays (1920 x 1080), as well as quantum dots and 120Hz head tracking sensors. The headset is untethered, running from a PC inside a backpack. Watch a video at


I’ll be watching this development with great interest – but why do Americans get all the cool stuff first? (TA)