The Importance of Display Brightness in Smartphones and its Growing Trend Among OEMs

Counterpoint is saying, the importance of display brightness in smartphones has been on the rise, especially with the increasing usage of mobile devices outdoors and the consumption of high-definition video content. Smartphone OEMs are competing to offer higher levels of typical and peak brightness in their devices. In 2022, over a third of premium smartphones (≥$600) had a brightness level of over 900 nits, a 171% YoY jump, with Chinese OEMs like vivo, Oppo, and Xiaomi adopting this trend.

Source: Counterpoint

Low-to-mid-priced smartphones are also seeing an increase in brightness levels, with Samsung reducing the share of brightness below 450 nits in its devices by about 20%p in 2022. The software’s role has become important in balancing user demands with technological enhancements for improving display brightness.

Source: Counterpoint
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