The Giant Head: “As We Are”

At the Greater Columbus Convention Center, local artist and professor at the Columbus College of Art and Design, Matthew Mohr has created a 14’ (4.3M) giant head using 14 LED ribbons. GCCC visitors have their photo taken in a special photo booth inside the head and it is then displayed on the outside. “Each portrait is roughly 17 times the size of the person represented,” says Mohr. “Eyes are as big as dinner plates. Through magnification, the sculpture recontextualizes each participant and asks all who see their portrait to consider who that person is and the life they lead.” The sculpture was fabricated for Mohr by Design Communications Ltd. using Sansi LED modules with a total of 850,000 individual LEDs. At night, the whole head rotates so it is visible from the street. A short video about the sculpture is available on Vimeo. -Matthew Brennesholtz

“As We Are” by Matthew Mohr at the GCCC (Credit: GCCC)