The Future of Display: Samsung to Unveil New SMART Signage Technologies at CES 2016

At the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Samsung Electronics America will introduce the newest additions to its SMART Signage portfolio, designed to create more immersive and informative user environments. Samsung’s booth will showcase the role visual displays play in transforming business and retail environments of the future.

“Samsung has a legacy of leadership in commercial display technology and we continue to lead the next wave of SMART signage advancement with our new Mirror and Transparent OLED Displays,” said Ron Gazzola, Vice President of Marketing, Visual Display, Samsung Electronics America. “We are transforming the business environment across a range of markets to help businesses deliver compelling visual content and drive an enhanced customer experience.”

With a diverse line-up including Ultra-slim Video Walls, indoor LED signage, and Mirror and Transparent OLED Displays, Samsung display technology is helping business owners across retail and other verticals offer a more engaging customer experience through pristine picture quality and impactful content presentation.

The Retail Store of the Future

At the Samsung booth, CES attendees will get a first-hand look at how retail-oriented display technologies, ranging from Mirror and Transparent OLED Displays to Ultra-slim Video Walls, can elevate the shopping environment into a more convenient, informed and customized experience.

As customers enter the new-look store, retailers can use the Samsung 55-inch ML55E Mirror Display to interact and further drive point-of-purchase shopping. The displays’ reflectance (55 percent), high transmittance (90 percent) and frameless design offer retailers new avenues to immediately refine and deliver content ranging from welcome messaging to special limited-time offers.

Samsung’s complementary 55-inch TO55F Transparent OLED offers customers complete product visibility in an engaging and informative format. These displays allow retailers to deliver demos and real-time promotional content with improved brightness (150nit), transparency (45 percent) and color presentation (Adobe RGB 100 percent).* Samsung’s OLED displays also are equipped with the company’s MagicInfo content management platform, enabling electronics shops to quickly create and deploy custom content across single or multiple displays.

Samsung’s Slimmest Video Wall

Samsung has amplified its large-scale message presentation capabilities for business and retail users with its new UHF-E (Extreme Narrow Bezel) video wall. With minimal bezel interference, users can keep audiences focused on rich visual content rather than on the display itself. The UHF-E video wall is Samsung’s slimmest available, featuring a 1.4mm bezel-to-bezel design.

Optimized for indoor applications, Samsung’s UHF-E video wall combines visual quality with the power of professional-grade digital signage. Each UHF-E display undergoes advanced factory tuning to maintain picture integrity and enhance resolution for viewers. An additional embedded ACM chipset remembers and adjusts picture content to meet specific color settings and maintain a uniform presentation. Furthermore, the durable UHF-E video wall is designed to perform 24/7, allowing uninterrupted content delivery in any set of conditions.

Captivating LED Signage

In light of growing demand from corporate, retail, sports, entertainment, and transportation users, Samsung has refined its LED Signage to offer even greater visual detail. Samsung LED Signage is designed with top-tier diodes across a range of fine pixel pitch configurations. Through this construction, large-screen LED Signage viewers can enjoy the same deep contrast, realistic picture quality and high brightness that they expect from Samsung’s SMART televisions. Each LED display undergoes rigorous factory and field calibration to ensure accurate and consistent image replication regardless of environmental conditions or length of use.

* The Mirror and Transparent Displays and the specs are in reference to models ML55E and TO55F respectively.