The Education Centre in Louisiana Displays 12K Video Wall

Three 4K video walls greet visitors to the Education Centre at the Wellness Centre of Thibodaux Regional, in Louisiana. The video walls show visitors a 17-minute video of the native beauty of Louisiana. A touch option is also included, and this can bring up a variety of content elements and maps.

VisionQuest Design and Production of Atlanta, developed the video wall show and have included nature scenes, landmarks, plantations, and the Bayou, and other local places. The company also developed a three 4K-camera rig to shoot the 12K video, using a moving jib crane, golf cart, pickup truck, and airboat to make the video footage.

Renewed Vision’s ProVideoPlayer2 drives the three screens as one continuous unified image. It can also be presented as separate images for display on each screen.

The Education Centre in Louisiana