Techradar’s Extensive Global Survey Results, Future’s global technology brand and the UK’s biggest technology website, has unveiled the results from extensive research that show…

  • The Smart Home is what excites the public most about the future of technology
  • 42% of people prefer watching TV using Catch-Up and On Demand services
  • Over a third of people will replace their tablet computers in the next year
  • Apple make up four of the top ten most wanted Christmas gifts

The global survey, which was run through, revealed that of the 3,563 people surveyed, a quarter said the emergence of the Smart Home is what excites the them most. The development of brands like Nest allow the home to be an extended part of mobile devices, giving access to the heating, security systems, even door locks from anywhere in the world.Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things came in second and third with 17% and 13% respectively.

Despite the tablet only being less than a quarter of people’s preferred mobile computing device, 34% of people will replace their tablet in the next year, with a further 26% saying they would within two. The mobile phone is the most popular with 43% of people saying it was their preferred mobile computing device, the laptop was second with 29%.

Wearable devices also look to be the big seller in the foreseeable future. 15% of those surveyed already own a piece of wearable tech, with a further 32% intending to purchase something. A whopping 77% of those surveyed believed owning a piece of wearable tech could make them do more exercise!

42% of those surveyed said they watched most of their TV through Catch-up and On Demand services, while only 26% said most of the TV they watch is when it’s broadcast.

40% of those surveyed said their mobile phone was their most enjoyable piece of tech, a stand out product in this category, with the laptop second with 14%, and the tablet and desktop computer in third with 12%. Apple’s iPhone launches are seen as the most exciting of all tech product launches, with 50% of people choosing that over the release of new tablets, computers and even cars.

These findings are demonstrated perfectly in the global Christmas gift list. Apple dominates with four items on the top ten, including the top three. The new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus top the list, the Apple iPad Pro and Mac computer make up the second and third position, with the Apple Watch is sixth.

The Christmas gift top 10 is…

  1. iPhone 6S or 6S Plus
  2. Apple iPad Pro
  3. Apple Mac computer
  4. Sony Bravia X8 Smart Ultra HD 4K LED TV
  5. 4K TV
  6. Apple Watch
  7. DSLR or Compact system camera
  8. Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge
  9. Windows Surface Pro
  10. Headphones (over £100)

Patrick Goss, editor in chief of techradar said: “I think it’s genuinely fascinating to get a glimpse into our readers’ wish lists at this time of year, and it’s pretty clear that tablets are going to sell like hot cakes in the next couple of months. Apple products featuring so highly will surprise precisely nobody, but 4K televisions are clearly going to increase our New Year’s resolution (sorry).”