Taiwanese Companies See Slower December

Acer announced December revenue of NT$21 billion ($711 million), down 10.9% MoM but up 11.6% YoY. This brought sales for the year to NT$232.7 billion ($7.9 billion), up 2%. The company commented that the fourth quarter had shown strong momentum, particularly in gaming.

Notebook ODM Compal reported turnover for last month of NT$74.8 billion ($2.5 billion), a drop of 20.4% MoM but a 4.3% increase YoY. As a result, 2017 revenue was NT$766.8 billion ($25.9 billion), down 9.5%.

Delta Electronics posted sales for December of NT$20.8 billion ($703 million), a 1% reduction MoM but up 7% YoY. Turnover for the year was NT$223.6 billion ($7.6 billion), up 4%.

IC design house Elan Microelectronics saw December sales of NT$605 million ($20 million), falling 4.6% MoM but rising 12.9% YoY, bringing annual revenue to NT$7.5 billion ($254 million), up 14.4%.

Winbond Electronics recorded turnover for December of NT$4.24 billion ($143 million), down 5.2% MoM but up 21.4% YoY. This resulted in sales for the year of NT$42.1 billion ($1.4 billion), up 9.8%.

Chicony Electronics announced December revenue of NT$6.61 billion ($223 million), a decrease of 7.8% MoM and 8% YoY. This brought Q4 turnover to NT$21.03 billion ($711 million), down 2.2%, and sales for the year to NT$78.16 billion ($2.6 billion), up 1.5%. Chicony says that it expects to report good profits thanks to strong demand for gaming and smart home products.

IC ATM and EMS firm Advanced Semiconductor Engineering reported turnover for last month of NT$28.001 billion ($946 million), much the same MoM, but this meant a rise of 13.7% QoQ for the fourth quarter to NT$83.986 billion ($2.8 billion) and brought annual revenue to NT$290.44 billion ($9.8 billion), up 5.7%.