Taiwan Notebook ODMs see Rises and Falls

There were mixed results for notebook shipments for Taiwan ODMs for January this year and for 2016.

  • Wistron shipped 1.3 million notebooks in January, up 18.18% on 1.1 million shipments for January 2016. Shipments for the first quarter of 2017 are expected to suffer a 20-25% sequential drop. Besides notebooks, Wistron shipped 200,000 LCD TVs, 800,000 desktops, 130,000 servers and 500,000 LCD monitors in January. Figures for these devices were either flat or slightly down from January 2016 shipments.
  • Compal Electronics shipped 2.2 million notebooks in January, down 4.34% compared to January 2016.
  • Inventec shipped 1.15 million PCs (including notebooks and servers) in January, down from 1.2 million shipments in January 2016.
  • Quanta Computer shipped 2.7 million notebooks in January, down 30.8% compared to January 2016 but up 17.4% on year.
  • Asustek Computer shipments fell to 20.61 million in 2016, down 2.6% on year, according to preliminary figures from Gartner.
  • Acer PC shipments fell to 18.28 million in 2016, down 9.9% on year.

Revenues were mixed for January 2016 shipments as well as for 2016.

  • Wistron’s revenues grew 32.7% on year in January, possibly due to iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone touch panel lamination work orders.
  • Compal revenues for January were NT$51.279 billion (US$1.63 billion), down 28.45% on month and 8.56% on year.
  • Inventec’s revenues for January rose 0.55% compared to January 2016. The increase was mainly due to orders for Apple’s AirPods for which Inventec has been expanding its capacity to meet demand.
  • Quanta revenues for January were NT$79.962 billion (US$2.54 billion), down 23.82% on month but growing 33.11% on year.
  • Asustek Computer revenues for January were NT$31.349 billion (US$995 million) falling 20.75% on month and 11.7% on year. These January figures represent the lowest monthly revenues since May 2016. Asustek Compute’s combined brand sales of NT$28.085 billion also dropped 22.4% on month and 12% on year.
  • Acer revenues for January were NT$19.962 billion (US$634 million), down 9.96% on month but growing 6.84% on year.

The outlook for 2017 is also mixed for some of the Taiwan ODMs.

  • Wistron is reportedly being picked as a supplier of the new upcoming iPhone and hence revenues for 2017 should be robust.
  • Compal expects to ship 40 million notebooks in 2017 as well as 10-12 million smart watches and wrist bands.
  • Inventec expects revenues to grow on month in both February and March with its PC shipments in the second quarter of 2017 expected to achieve over 10% growth sequentially.
  • Quanta expects notebook shipments in the first quarter of 2017 to fall some 20%.