Vol 23 - Issue 29


Fewer Subscribers for Dish in Q2

by Isaac Oburu

DISH Network has recorded a decline of 281,000 net pay TV subscribers in Q2’16, compared to approximately 81,000 in Q2’15. Gross subscribers rose 527,000 in Q2, compared to a rise of approximately 638,000 last …

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Developments in Wireless Power Transfer Between Mobile Devices

by Arthur Berman

A team within the Bristol Interaction Group at the University of Bristol (Bristol, UK) led by Paul Worgan is developing a novel means to address the issue of limited battery life in mobile devices. …

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What Educators Want (in a projector)

by Len Scrogan

In the early years of mass projector purchasing by schools and universities (I have floated some very large tenders myself), the key “look for” was brightness or lumens. That made particular sense in K-12 …

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