Vol 23 - Issue 09


Indium Prices High but Fairly Stable

by Matthew Brennesholtz

Indium is the key ingredient in Indium-Tin Oxide (ITO), a transparent conductive coating found in virtually all displays, including both LCDs and OLEDs. It is also used in many types of touch screens. The …

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Perovskites As A Transparent Conductor

by Matthew Brennesholtz

I had previously written about perovskites as laser materials and wavelength conversion materials in competition with Quantum Dots (QDs). (See my Display Daily on Perovskites and my companion DD on Quantum Dots). Now I …

Tags:ITO Replacement| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Perovskite| Vol 23 - Issue 09

Olympics to be Broadcast in VR

by Tom Allen

The Olympic Broadcasting Service (OBS) has said that it will capture virtual reality footage at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. The footage will be both broadcast live and made available to download, although how …

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Jabre is Dialog’s New CFO

by Tom Allen

Dialog Semiconductor has appoint Wissam Jabre as the company’s new CFO. Since 2014, Jabre has worked at AMD as the corporate VP of finance, and before that held various executive positions at Freescale Semiconductor.

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Dialog Semiconductor Result 08/03/2016

by Dhruv Dayal Gupta

Dialog Semiconductor reported Q4 net profit of $52.6 million, compared to $73.6 million, a decline of 29% YoY. Turnover was $397.2 million, down 9% YoY from $435 million. For the full year 2015, net …

Tags:Dialog Semiconductor| Financial Data| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Vol 23 - Issue 09

TV Growth Driven by IP, Says Ericsson

by Tom Allen

Ericsson predicts that the ‘fragmented’ TV market, driven by internet technology, will grow between 10% and 12% between 2014 and 2018. The company’s 2015 Annual Report (http://tinyurl.com/hk3l8zm) says that IP technology is transforming the …

Tags:Broadcast Market| Ericsson| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Mobile TV| Video over IP (VIP)| Vol 23 - Issue 09

Augmented Reality Under Development at Intel

by Tom Allen

Intel is developing an augmented reality headset, which will use its Realsense 3D camera technology, sources have told the Wall Street Journal. The AR project is one way in which Intel hopes to diversify …

Tags:3D Depth Cameras| Augmented Reality| Intel| Mobile Display Monitor| Vol 23 - Issue 09

Death Knell Sounds for Skype on TV

by Tom Allen

Starting in June, Microsoft will end support for the Skype for TV app on smart TVs. It will be up to TV manufacturers as to whether or not they remove the app from their …

Tags:Applications| Large Display Monitor| Microsoft| Smart TV| Vol 23 - Issue 09

OSN-Eutelsat Deal Paves Way for UltraHD

by Tom Allen

OSN, the Middle Eastern pay-TV provider, is preparing to launch new UltraHD channels by taking additional satellite capacity. The company unveiled a new contract with Eutelsat at Cabsat in Dubai recently. OSN will use …

Tags:4k| Capacity| Large Display Monitor| MEA (Middle East & Africa)| Satellite| UltraHD (4KTV)| Vol 23 - Issue 09

Ikea Seeks Disposable Labels

by Tom Allen

Furniture store Ikea has posted a listing on Ninesigma, seeking remotely-writable, disposable labels to show country-specific information on products and packages. The (blank) labels must be able to be attached during production and updated …

Tags:Back Panel| Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs)| Mobile Display Monitor| Retailers| Vol 23 - Issue 09


Earthquake Continues to Affect Innolux

by Tom Allen

Innolux’s February revenues were down 21.1% MoM and 38.9% YoY, which is believed to be due to a combination of the February earthquake (Earthquake Rocks Taiwan Production Base) and Chinese New Year holiday. Revenues …

Tags:Financial Data| Innolux| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Vol 23 - Issue 09

BenQ Combines Technologies for Colour Consistency

by Tom Allen

Two professional monitors for post-production have been revealed by BenQ, for editors and colourists requiring high colour accuracy and resolution. The PV series consists of two models: the PV3200PT (first seen at SIGGRAPH 2015) …

Tags:BenQ| Colour Critical Monitors| Large Display Monitor| Post Production| Vol 23 - Issue 09