Vol 22 - Issue 46


LG Sees Bright Future for OLED

by Tom Allen

FlatpanelsHD visited LG in Korea and received some updates on the company’s OLED plans. The company considers the technology as the next step in consumer electronics. LG says that it is raising yields and …

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Lenovo Result 12/11/2015

by Dhruv Dayal Gupta

Lenovo reported its first net loss in 6 years of $714 million for Q3 2015. Turnover was up, however, by 16% YoY at $12.2 billion, from $10.4 billion. A combination of a one time …

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CSOT Module Production Rises 40%

by Tom Allen

TCL is CSOT’s parent companyCSOT has said that it produced 203,000 substrates from its two G8.5 fabs in October: a 40.5% YoY rise.

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Asus Aims for 50% Smartphone Rise

by Tom Allen

Jerry Shen, CEO of Asus, has said that the company will be able to ship 20.5 million smartphones this year. 13.5 million were shipped in Q1-Q3, and the company plans to ship another 7 …

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Mediaset Raises Paying Customers

by Tom Allen

Italian commercial broadcaster Mediaset’s pay-DTT subsidiary, Mediaset Premium, has increased its subscriber base by 112,000 since June. Its total base now stands at 1.8 million.

Tags:Italy| Large Display Monitor| Pay TV| Vol 22 - Issue 46

CSA Supports T2 and HEVC

by Tom Allen

The CSA, the French regulator, has supported a proposal from the Senate, which calls for the introduction of the DVB-T2 and HEVC platforms for UltraHD services. The CSA supports the use of these platforms …

Tags:4k| DVB-T & T2| France| HEVC (H.265)| Large Display Monitor| UltraHD (4KTV)| Vol 22 - Issue 46

An Unusual Means is Used to Capture 3D in the Visionsense 4mm Camera

by Arthur Berman

Visionsense Corp. (Philadelphia, PA) has developed a high definition 3D camera based on an unconventional technology. The need for an unusual 3D camera is a consequence of the fact that Visionsense products are a …

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