Vol 22 - Issue 04


Sensio’s UltraHD 3D Format is Lossless

by Tom Allen

Sensio Technologies has launched a new 3D format called Sensio 3D/4K, which is optimised for UltraHD 3D TVs. The format enables the distribution of high-definition 3D content, without stereoscopic compression loss. It is compatible …

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Opera SDKs Arrive on Android TVs

by Vanessa Browning

The latest smart TVs using Android L will be shipped with a Blink-based rendering engine from Opera Software. The SDK 4.x series will be launched on Sony TVs and the 3.x series on TCL …

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Ultraflix for Vizio

by Vanessa Browning

Nanotech’s Ultraflix streaming service is now available on Vizio’s P-Series smart TVs.  

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Asus Looks to The Wrist in 2015

by Vanessa Browning

Focus Taiwan claims to have heard from Asus CEO Jerry Shen that the company will launch three new wearable products this year.  A second-generation smartwatch will be introduced in Q3’15, with its own cellular …

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Rumour: Samsung Puts Galaxy Alpha to Bed

by Vanessa Browning

The metal-body Galaxy Alpha will be discontinued under pressure from low-cost devices, according to Korea’s ET News. Samsung tellingly chose to release a low-cost smartphone – the Galaxy A5 – in late 2014, without …

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Modder Jams Together Console and Monitor

by Tom Allen

Modder Ben Heck has, in the past, turned his skills to creating portable gaming laptops based on an Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. His newest challenge saw him turn an Xbox One into a …

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