German Scientists Suggest Code of Conduct for Virtual Reality

by Norbert Hildebrand

vnorb When a new technology gets developed, some of the consequences of such technology are always up for debate and often enable very and unexpected different applications. Just think of nuclear power versus nuclear …

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Is Electronics a Hits Business?

by Bob Raikes

The Samsung profit forecast that we mentioned in last week’s Display Monitor emphasises that not all is gloom and doom in the electronic business (although it mostly is at the moment!). It did get …

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by Dummy Admin

FEDs have proved difficult to develop and many companies had dropped their development projects in favour of other technologies. One company, however, has been working on a variation of the FED which currently looks …

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by Dummy Admin

When Display Monitor began publication in 1994, one of the technologies being tipped as representing the future of flat panel displays was the FED or Field Emission Display. Similar in principle to a CRT, …

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