SID Display Week 2014


QD Vision Rocks with Quantum Dot Product Wins

by Chris Chinnock

Display Manufacturing and Materials – QD Vision was at Display Week to promote its quantum dot technology, Color IQ, but the more important announcements were made at Computex where new design wins with BOE …

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Ostendo Show Impressive LED Imagers and Light Field Display

by Bob Raikes

Ostendo has been quietly working on a micro-LED display they call a Quantum Photonic Imager. This consists of red, green and blue LED with some near-collimating optical structures fabrication with extremely small pixel pitches …

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Plastic Logic Shows Latest Demos

by Chris Chinnock

Mobile Displays – Plastic Logic was in the I-Zone at Display Week showing off its latest products and updating attendees on progress (see video). Plastic Logic make organic TFTs on flexible plastic substrates. Many …

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Sharp & Pixtronix Talk Commercialization of MEMS Displays

by Chris Chinnock

Mobile Displays – Sharp and Pixtronix are developing a MEMS display that acts like a pocket door to let red, green and blue light pass through for a very efficient mobile display. At Display …

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Kopin Focuses More Strongly on Eyeglass Display Solutions

by Chris Chinnock

Augmented/Virtual Reality – We stopped by the Kopin booth at Display Week 2014 to talk about some of the company’s business strategy changes, as well as its products and concepts currently in development. Historically, …

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