FCC Votes to Promote Broadcast Internet via ATSC 3.0

by Bob Raikes

What They Say The FCC, the US telecoms regulator, has approved a ‘Report & Order’ that updates the rules and fee structures related to broadcast internet services including ATSC 3.0. The FCC said it …

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Philips Sale of Lumileds Blocked

by Tom Allen

Philips had been intending to sell its Lumileds LED manufacturing business to a China-led private-equity group. However, US authorities have forced Philips to cancel the $3.3 billion deal. Announced in early 2015, Philips was …

Tags:China| Large Display Monitor| Mergers & Acquisitions| Mobile Display Monitor| Philips| Regulation| USA| Vol 23 - Issue 04

US Laser Phosphor Projectors Sales in Jeopardy Because of FDA Ruling

by Chris Chinnock

In February 2015, the FDA issued a ruling that is having a chilling effect on sales of laser phosphor projectors in the US. This ruling classified projectors containing lasers (RGB laser, laser phosphor and …

Tags:Infocomm 2015| Laser Phosphor Projectors| Laser Projectors| Regulation| SID Display Week 2015| Vol 22 - Issue 27

Regulator Aims to Halt Illegal Transmissions

by Tom Allen

Greek regulator EETT is seeking to end illegal analogue transmissions in the country. Several local municipalities are still permitting these broadcasts to take place for viewers outside of the DTT coverage area. EETT is …

Tags:ASO (Analogue Switch Off)| Greece| Large Display Monitor| Regulation| Vol 22 - Issue 25

FDA Does Not Adopt Recommendations on Laser Projection

by Chris Chinnock

In a setback for the laser projection industry, the FDA has not taken the advice of industry experts and has issued a tentative ruling that many view does not go far enough in removing …

Tags:Cinema| Large Display Monitor| Laser Projectors| Regulation| Vol 22 - Issue 16

Of Rail Roads Pipelines and the FCC’s Internet

by Steve Sechrist

The US FCC (Federal Communications Commission) recently said it would seek (again) to gain regulation authority over the Internet, in a move that looks to secure Net Neutrality using some fundamental principles laid down …

Tags:Broadcast| OTT Video| Regulation| Streaming Video| USA| Vol 22 - Issue 07