Projector Stacks


AV Stumpfl Updates Screen for One Person Operation

by Bob Raikes

Integrator and system supplier, AV Stumpfl, was showing a new screen system, called the T-shift leg, that has been designed to allow existing Monoblock 32 or Monoclip 32 projection screen frames to be assembled …

Tags:Large Display Monitor| Media Players| Projector Stacks| ProLight & Sound 2018| Vol 25 - Issue 15

NEC Focuses on Laser Cinema Projectors

by Chris Chinnock

NEC had two screening rooms at Cinemacon where they were showing off four laser-based projectors with different architectures. This included: Debuted at CinemaCon was the new NC3541L 4K RB laser/phosphor projector which creates its …

Tags:Cinema| CinemaCon 2017| Large Display Monitor| Laser Phosphor Projectors| Laser Projectors| NEC| Projector Stacks| Vol 24 - Issue 13

Sony Favours HPM Over Laser

by Tom Allen

Sony, unlike other big names in the cinema projection space, did not have a stand on the show floor. However, we were able to sit down with David McIntosh – the head of the …

Tags:CineEurope 2016| Cinema Projection| Large Display Monitor| Projector Stacks| sony

4K Stitching Possible in Real Time

by Arthur Berman

A team headed by Dr. Rehan Hafiz in the Department of Electrical Engineering of the National University of Sciences and Technology (Islamabad, Pakistan) has developed a “unified scheme” for seamlessly stitching together multiple videos …

Tags:Blend & Warp| Projector Stacks

SIM2 Demonstrates HDR monitor and HDR with Two Projectors

by Chris Chinnock

In one of sound rooms of the CEDIA exhibition hall was Sim2, the Italian home theater projector specialist. R&D Director Domenico Toffoli showed us the brightest HDR monitor currently available in Sim2 production and …

Tags:CEDIA 2015| HDR - High Dynamic Range| Large Display Monitor| Projector Stacks| Sim2| Vol 22 - Issue 42

Christie Shows Customers World’s Best Solutions at InfoComm 2015

by Tom Allen

Christie, the integrated visual systems leader, is showcasing its wealth of knowledge and trusted technology at InfoComm 2015, taking place June 17-19 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. Offering the widest …

Tags:Christie| Infocomm 2015| Projector Stacks| Projectors

Sony Stacks for ‘Reference’ Light Levels

by Tom Allen

Sony has introduced a dual-projection solution for its existing SRX-R515 projector at Cinemacon 2015. The SRX-R515DS is a stacked configuration (vertically or side-by-side) that can deliver up to 30,000 lumens of light output. Using …

Tags:Large Display Monitor| Projector Stacks| Projectors| sony| UltraHD| Vol 22 - Issue 17

FlightSafety Describes “Largest FOV Collimated Display Ever Built”

by Raverstead

At I/ITSEC 2014, FlightSafety International presented a paper that described what it claims is the collimated display with the largest field of view (FOV) ever built. While this system was not demonstrated on the …

Tags:I/ITSEC 2014| Large Display Monitor| LCOS| Projector Stacks| Simulation| Vol 21 - Issue 49