Changhong to Close PDP Business?

by Super User

Changhong Electric, the last significant manufacturer of plasma display panels for TV use, continued to halt trading in its stock this week, leading to speculation that the company may finally have decided to end …

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plasma display

Plasma Display

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In the search for a large sized flat screen display technology, LCDs do not have the field all to themselves. Though late to join the commercial battle, the next flat large screen devices being …

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A hybrid of the LCD and a PDP: the Plasma Addressed Liquid Crystal (PALC) display. The main drawback to the use of the TFT is that, as with any semiconductor process, manufacturing of large …

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Developed by Fujitsu as an improvement to the Three Electrode Surface Discharge method of driving a PDP, which it invented in 1984, ALiS (Alternate Lighting of Surfaces) displays are not made up of enclosed …

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