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How far will legacy take the PC industry?

by Jon Peddie

If all, or even most, applications end up running on servers in the cloud, who needs a Windows PC? Most users care less about the OS and underlying hardware, and more (maybe only) about …

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Compal Plans Desktop ODM Market Comeback in 2018

by Andrew Fenn

Unconfirmed reports coming out of Taiwan have claimed that Compal is planning a comeback to the desktop PC market this year, from its position as the world’s number two notebook ODM. The company’s president, …

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Fujitsu Clarifies Lenovo Talks

by Bob Raikes

Fujitsu has confirmed that it is exploring a relationship with Lenovo for its PC business, but has denied that Lenovo will acquire it (Fujitsu In Talks with Lenovo over PCs). The plans look as …

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Vaio Out – Deal Wavering for Fujitsu/Toshiba

by Tom Allen

Vaio has left the talks revolving around a merger of its PC unit with that of Fujitsu and Toshiba (New Toshiba Plan May Include PC Sale), according to sources speaking to the Wall Street …

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PC Games Reign Supreme in Revenues…For Now

by Tom Allen

The PC market will be responsible for most of the growth made by the digital games industry this year. Software revenues, says Juniper Research, will top $80 billion, growing to $104 billion by the …

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